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Acne, weight gain, constipation, mood struggles, migraines and bloating…

In late 2017, I ordered the books authored by Anthony Williams, Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods and Thyroid Healing through my Amazon Kindle. In the first few pages of my reading, I found myself speechless with a feeling of “ah-ha” moments. This book was an instant page turner, engulfed in every word as I read, I found myself repeating words like, “healing”, “power” and “knowledge”.

It only took several pages that I learned and read about how my liver’s hardest job is to process fat. Not only that but a sluggish liver will lead to clogging then to weight gain. Page after page, I started to feel helpless because I wanted to help my liver flush toxins and digest the food I ate.

Anthony Williams, repeatedly mentions how, “Celery is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods, because it starves unproductive bacteria.” Down to a cellular level, celery juice is hydrating, cleansing and repairs intestinal linings. Celery helps good bacteria thrive!


After the few weeks of reading, I decided I wanted to go about his plan in cleansing my liver. I felt this was the healing I was looking for because I knew I was inflamed (more inflammation in a future post). I felt like here in my thirties, I should not have the amount of stress I was carrying around and my body showed it.

I had acne, I was overweight (160 pounds to be exact), I had tummy aches hence, “constipation”, “bloating”. I carried around ginger tea or peppermint tea in my purse all the time, and uh oh, my mood swings, blah! This was it! Way too many signs that my body was revealing, my gut wasn’t happy! And I did not want to ignore it. I went to the grocery store and bought six bunches of celery.

Returned home, found my old juicer from several years ago that I did not use, ha! Perhaps God knew I was going to use it at some point. Anyhow, I dusted that sucker off, washed it and made my first cup of celery juice for tasting purposes. Well as you can see now, I enjoy it!!! 365 days later of non-stop celery juice!

My complexion is radiant!

My bloating and constipation gone…in fact, my abs muscles are coming in!

My weight gain has led to weight loss and muscle gainz… more to share in what I meal prep!

I greet my followers with my 16oz cup of celery juice in my IG stories every day to hold me accountable and it initiates a conversation. Also, it allows me to share a smiling face and kindly wish them a good day. In hopes it will start their day on a positive note by sharing a “Ya’at’teeh (Hello).”

CHEERS to Celery Juice and 365 days of it!!  

16 oz for 365 days = 5,840 oz = 45.62 GALLONS OF CELERY JUICE

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